Most women plan their weddings from the time they are a little girl and see a princess in their beautiful and elegant gown with beautiful flowing hair and we are pretty sure if you’re reading this that you have too.

Chemistry Salon is the leading provider of onsite wedding hair and make-up in the North Central Florida market. We have done over 500 weddings with over 15 years experience. We are referred by the top wedding planners which is the best referral you can get in the industry.

You are never going to be more photographed than on your wedding day so choosing an amazing and experienced hair and makeup artist is vital. Our highly trained award winning team of artists make sure you look flawless on your big day! We painstakingly plan every detail in advance to get all the kinks out before hand. You have enough to worry about on your big day and with us at your side the way you look wont be one of them! Let us make sure those pictures that go out to all your friends and family show you at your absolute best.


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