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Silk Eyelashes Full set $200
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Let’s face it – we aren’t all born with perfect eyelashes. As women, we always find an excuse or complaint about something we don’t like. Our lashes are too short. Too thin. Lack substantial volume. But then there was the day that you first discovered mascara. Your eyes took on a whole new dimension and you suddenly felt like a whole new person. Unfortunately, rainy days, and emotional arguments did, too, as you learned to circumvent smudges. 

Are you tired of using a mechanical lash curler and pinching your skin? And I have to mention the lashes that have been pulled out…OUCH! How about the clumpy mascara you’re using? It’s time that you rid yourself of those pesky smears and break up with the wand once and for all, and give your eyes the everyday glamour they deserve with beautifully gorgeous eyelash extensions. 

False eyelashes / eyelash extensions have been around for decades, however they haven’t always been safe to apply. At-home application kits are not always regulated and many of the purchasable adhesives are not pharmaceutical grade. Rather than chancing the possibility of ruining your lashes, let an expert technician from Cameo’s give you a beautified new look. First let me state that EVERY stylist must first be licensed or certified in beauty industry and must go through a hands on training program. This is to ensure that the health of your natural lashes is never compromised due to unsanitary practices or unsafe procedures. Only those who have undergone the hands on training program are qualified to perform this luxury service.

If you are tired of messy clumpy mascara, you will love the freedom and convenience of eyelash extensions. Now you can put all of that behind you as you experience the most natural eyelash extension in Ocala. 

The synthetic lashes are applied one at a time to your natural lashes with a medical grade adhesive to add volume, curvature and length. They will last indefinitely with regular maintenance fills every 2-3 weeks. The application design is customized for each client. With 3 choices in thickness, 4 curvatures, 12 lengths and dozens of colors available, the possibilities are endless.

About your lashes

 Growth Cycle of Eyelash

There are about 90-150 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and about 70 – 80 eyelashes on the lower eyelid. Eyelashes reach a length up to about 10 mm and each eyelash follows its own growth cycle.Each eyelash is in its own cycle so there are some lashes in each phase at all times and most days at least a few eyelashes will fall out.

 Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Yes they do, but it might take a couple of months before you see them especially if you have interrupted the natural growth cycle in some way.For example, if you pull your eyelashes out, you will be without any visible eyelashes for a while before they grow back and get to the resting phase (telogen). If you have been pulling your eyelashes out, please keep your hands away from your eyes and eyelashes as the new ones grow back!!!

How Long Will Eyelash Extensions Last?

Realistically, eyelash extensions last 4 weeks, give or take a couple of weeks, falling out with the natural lash. Some will be lost within a couple of weeks as part of the natural cycle, so it is common to get a touch up refill after about 2 – 4 weeks. In some cases, eyelash extensions can last up to 6 – 8 weeks. 

 Dangers of Mascara

According to a study in Optometry, bacteria that are naturally present in the eyes can be transferred into mascara via the wand. When the researchers tested mascaras, microbes were present in 33 percent of the products tested. Nowadays it’s a widely known fact that having well-defined eyes and thicker, longer lashes comes with hidden dangers that lurk in many cosmetics. Some health ailments are linked to chemicals used in eye cosmetics.

 After care

Some of your lashes might fall out quickly but don’t be alarmed, most likely your natural eyelash was at the end of it’s cycle. This cycle is approximately four to twelve  weeks long and can be lengthened with the use of products such as Latisse and LiLash. Most eyelash extensions will look beautiful through an entire cycle if you follow these steps of care. 

Your natural eyelashes should not get fully saturated with any liquid for a minimum of two hours before or after. This is so the adhesive properly bonds to your eyelashes.   

Do not use  mascara.  Most brands of mascara, regular or waterproof, contain chemical properties and oils that will break down the lash adhesive. Also, removing mascara from your lashes can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.  

As always, be gentle around the delicate eye area when cleansing your face and do not  rub your eyes.  

Avoid any type of oil-based product around the eyes.  Again, the oils will break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall off.  Resuming with normal activities is ok (i.e. – face washing).  When possible, it is best to wait up to 12 hours. 

Eyelash combs are the best way to groom your lashes. Never use an eyelash curler on your extensions.  This will damage the extensions. Generally speaking eyelash curlers are never a good idea and can permanently damage your natural eyelashes.

We recommend refills every two to three weeks as eyelash extensions and giving mascara a break will strengthen your own natural lashes.

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